• ATOMODS for the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Brings All of the Tweaks and Mods

    Posted on January 9, 2013 by in android

    ATOMODS for the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Brings All of the Tweaks and Mods

    Ever since the AROMA installer was first released, pretty much everyone began using it for all sorts of things. From installing apps after a fresh flash to flashing modems, people enjoy the enhanced recovery capabilities enabled by AROMA. Now, Galaxy Ace Plus users have a mod pack that installs using the AROMA installer.

    XDA Senior Member lokeshsaini94 has released ATOMODS, a gigantic mod pack for the Galaxy Ace Plus. When it comes to adding tweaks and mods, there are few mod packs out there with this many possible additions. Some inclusions are already popular scripts and mods. Some of the features include:

    - install xloud and bravia engine
    - install adrenaline boost script
    - install gapps
    - 15 Toggle Mod

    - install Touchwiz4.5 launcher
    - install Holo launcher
    - install Go launcher
    - install Mihome launcher
    - install Holo launcher (tw5 themed)

    - Flash Velocity Tweaks
    - Flash Thunder Bolt Script
    - Flash Geeky Engine
    - Flash Slaidy Boost Script
    - Flash any of CronMod-A2SD/D2EXT/INT2EXT Scripts

    There are many more for users to choose from. To get started, download and boot to recovery. Wipe Dalvik and cache, flash it, then use the AROMA UI to select which tweaks and mods you want. When you’re done, simply reboot your newly tweaked device.

    For additional details, check out the original thread.

    Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/xda-developers/ShsH/~3/uHbFIobgFNk/

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