• HTC Jetstream Gets First Custom Kernel

    Posted on January 9, 2013 by in android

    HTC Jetstream Gets First Custom Kernel

    From the mastermind who brought you root and custom recovery for the HTC Jetstream comes the next stage in development.

    XDA Recognized Developer DooMLoRD, a member of the Team UtterChaos, has released the HTC Jetstream’s first custom kernel in an effort to bolster development on the tablet. He told us:

    basically this should encourage other devs to start working on the device now that they know its rooted, has recovery and can run custom kernels

    The kernel itself seems pretty on par with DooMLoRD’s other kernel work, which is to say it’s loaded with features and is just all around awesome. Some of the features include:

    CPU overclocked to 2.052 Ghz
    CPU underclocked to 192 Mhz
    GPU overclocked to 320 Mhz
    for safe booting CPU is capped at bootup to 1.536GHz/384MHz (max/min)
    slightly undervolted (atleast for stock frequencies)
    uses LZMA compression
    added lots of fixing/patches (including CPU HOTPLUG notifications/CPU unaligned access) thanks to faux132
    VDD CPU voltage control (@ /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/vdd_table/vdd_levels)
    compiled using Snapdragon optimizations
    PERFLOCK disabled
    SWAP enabled
    enabled few file systems support:
    insecure kernel (ro.secure=0 USB debugging enabled by default)
    /system mounted as RW

    Did anyone else notice the 2.052 GHz overclock capability on the CPU?

    For those lucky enough to be carrying an HTC Jetstream who wants to check out this awesome kernel, you can find the full feature list, instructions, shout outs and download links in the original thread. The installation instructions aren’t hard to follow, but if you’re not familiar with the Fastboot on this device, you should probably should be before attempting to flash the kernel.

    Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/xda-developers/ShsH/~3/FwDuMgbeJ3c/

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