• Mobile ODIN Updated to 2.0, Supports Many More Devices

    Posted on January 9, 2013 by in android

    Mobile ODIN Updated to 2.0, Supports Many More Devices

    Back in November, we took a peek at Mobile ODIN by XDA Senior Moderator and Recognized Developer Chainfire. For those who don’t remember, the app acts as an on-device ODIN utility by allowing you to fully flash your firmware straight from the device itself—practically removing the need to connect your device to a host computer. Due to safety reasons, however, the EFS and bootloader partitions are not flashed.

    Mobile ODIN has now undergone a major update to version 2.0—adding compatibility for several new devices and variants, while updating flashkernels for already supported devices. Just as before, two versions are available: a lite version that is available exclusively on XDA, and a pro version that can be found on the Android Market. In the words of the developer:

    The following devices have been added (see changelog for full list):
    - Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus, GSM and CDMA/LTE variants
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7″, 3G and Wi-Fi variants
    - Samsung Galaxy 5, eight different models

    The following variants have been added:
    - Samsung Galaxy Note: I9220 variant added
    - Samsung Galaxy S2: SHW-M250S variant added

    The following devices have been updated and have new flashkernels:
    - Samsung Galaxy S
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ (the original 7″ tab)
    - Samsung Galaxy S2 (2 models)
    - Samsung Galaxy Note (2 models)

    Those interested in getting started with Chainfire’s latest offering should proceed to the application thread.

    Even if your device is currently unsupported, there is a good chance that the next major revision will add support—just be sure to share the resultant application dump and your device’s PIT file in the thread.

    [Thanks to XDA Senior Moderator M_T_M for the tip!]

    Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/xda-developers/ShsH/~3/mBwAb-KTxrM/

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