• Tutorial Brings S-On HBoot Downgrade on the Wildfire S

    Posted on January 9, 2013 by in android

    Tutorial Brings S-On HBoot Downgrade on the Wildfire S

    HBoot on HTC devices has always been a bit tricky for users. Accidentally flashing a newer HBoot before getting S-Off, or even sometimes after getting S-Off and seeing the dreaded S-On with no way to fix it has caused users anything from inconsolable rage to simply selling off their device in favor of a different one.

    For those carrying the HTC Wildfire S, you now have the option to drop back down to an earlier and friendlier version. XDA Senior Member MrTaco505 has released a method that will downgrade HBoots to a more manageable version along with a complete downgrade to Android 2.3.3. Is it not ironic that HTC devs have spent more time recently trying to get users on an earlier version of Android instead of a later one?

    The method is tad complicated and is potentially risky if not done properly, so make sure to read the entire tutorial before getting started. The process itself involves downloading a myriad of files and flashing them in the bootloader in a specific order. While the process is complicated, at least it doesn’t involve the heart-stopping step of removing the battery mid update like the HTC EVO 3D. However, once said and done, users will be on a lower HBoot, which will allow for even greater device customization.

    For additional information, all the download links and the full instructions, head on over to the original thread to get started downgrading your HBoot.

    Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/xda-developers/ShsH/~3/_OJinyjHFug/

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